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Ghar Bhejo an initiative by YoloBus

Let's help migrants reach home safely

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With every ₹ 1000, we can send 1 migrant worker to his home.

76,050 of ₹ 50 lacs goal

500 out of 5000 migrants being sent to home safely

YoloBus Cares

An initiative by YoloBus to help and support migrant workers in need.

With most of the Indian states under lockdown, many migrant workers are stuck in the cities. With YoloBus #GharBhejo initiative and collaboration with Sonu Sood, we strive to send at least 5000 migrants back to their home, safely.

Migrant Workers

How are your donations being used?

  • ✓️ We partnered with NGOs who do the temperature screening and get the prerequisite travel permission.
  • ✓️ We provide transportation to the migrants so that they can reach home safely.
  • ✓️ With every ₹ 1000, we can send 1 migrant back to home safely.