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Quick Information about Gurgaon

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Distance between Gurgaon & Jaipur 242 Km
Duration 4 hours 2 mins
Is Covid Safe Yes

Bus from Gurgaon to Jaipur Bus

It takes 4 hours from Gurgaon to Jaipur by bus. However, the travel duration depends on weather conditions and traffic. YoloBus ensures a safe and hygienic journey adhering to safety measures and protocols. With an array of in-bus amenities, we make sure there is no hassle throughout the journey. Enroll for a safe bus journey with an experienced and proficient driver and conquer the road like never before. Ensure top-notch amenities with utmost safety during the bus journey. While you book a YoloBus ticket, you get an option to select a boarding point near your place and choose the preferred seat of your choice. Experience a flight-like a bus ride with YoloBus. So, what are you waiting for? Book a bus ticket with COVID-19 safety measures with YoloBus.

Bus From Jaipur to Gurgaon

If it isn’t a one-way journey, book a return bus ticket from Jaipur to Gurgaon by YoloBus. We ensure your ride is not just safe but hygienic too. Travel by bus and cover 9 hours of road stretch comfortably with us. Select the seat and other offerings on the YoloBus App and get ready to experience a flight-like journey and navigate the road in the highly sanitized and hygienic bus.
Yolobus strives to make your bus journey safest amid the COVID-19 global pandemic situation. With our unique in-bus amenities and auto sanitization doors feature, get ready to indulge in bus travel like never before and make your essential journey count.

Boarding & Dropping Points

Gopal Wadi | Rajiv Chowk 9250917877,7065088889,9928108887 | Bus Stand | Vgo Sindhi Champ | Iffco Chowk Petrol Pump (Gurgaon) | GURGAON_IFFCO CHOWK | Sindhi Camp | Rajiv Chowk Gurgaon,9599345800. 9599345800 | Hero Honda Chowk(Ggn) | Others | Iffco Chowk-7597341111,7597351111 | Amity Univercity | Rajeev Chowk | Gurgaon_Iffco Chowk(011-41514076) 01141504076,09311004076 | Polo Victory | Shindhi Camp ,Under Metro Railway Sataion ,9811440085,8708729545 | Iffco Chowk End Of Fly Over Delhi To Jaipur Road Gurugram Hr | TRANSPORT NAGAR DELHI BYPASS ROAD, 9811440085 | Heera Honda Chowk Gurgaon | Iffco Chowk ,Gurgaon-9205583808- | Nh8 End Of Iffco Chowk Flyover Jaipur Road | Gurgaon End Of Fly Over Rajeev Chowk Jaipur Road Gurgaon Hr | Pink City Petrol Pump | olovictroy Cinema, Jaipur. | IFFCO CHAUK END OF FLY OVER,DELHI TO JAIPUR ROAD NH-8 GURGAON 9313333200 | Transfort Nagar Jaipur 9610411328,9610791328 | NARAYAN SINGH CIRCLE OPP.ZARI SWOROOM | Dharuhera (By Pass) | 9462796171 Polovictory Station Road | I M T MANESAR 9811440085,8708729545 | 200 Feet Bypass | Sindhi Camp Bus Stand | Shiv Murti | Dharuhera Gurgaon | RAJEEV CHOWK GURGAON | Jharsa Chowk, Red Light, Nh-8 Expressway, Gurgaon, | Rimjhim Hotel Rest Point | Gurgaon Iffco Chowk | Transport Nagar | Amity University | Gurgaon_Iffco Chowk(011-41514076) | 8279273644 Iffco Chowk | Rajeev Chowk, Gurgaon | Polo Victory (Near Sindhi Camp Bus Stand) | Manesar Gurgaon | Rajive Chowk | Rajiv Chouk Gurgaon | Star Mall | Hotel Archana | Manesar Chok, Gurgaon | DHOLA KUAN HP PETROL PUMP GURGOAN | Remark Bus Will Change At Udaipur For Ahmedabad | Iffco Chowk Fly Over End Gurgaon | Dhaula Kuan | IFFCO CHOWK, GURGAON,9599345800. 9599345800 | Rajeev Chowk Gurgoan | Honda Chowk | Rajiv Chowk,End Of The Flyover,NH-8,At The End Of The Main Flyover Towards Jaipur,Gurgaon | RAJEEV CHOWK END OF FLYOVER | IMT CHOWK MANESAR 9660455678 | Azadpur | Below Iffco Chowk Flyover | Ramgard Mode | Narayan Singh Circle | IFFCO CHOWK Below Flyover Opp Zayka Restaurant | Rajiv Chowk 9811440085,8708729545 | N.H.8 ,End Of Rajeev Chowk, Fly Over,Jaipur Road, Gurgaon | Rajiv Chowk,End Of The Flyover,NH-8,At The End Of The Main Flyover Towards Jaipur,Gurgaon 9355777832,01142544565 | Purani Chungi | RAJIV CHOWK NEAR JAIN TEMPLE | Near Jayka Restaurent, Nh.8 Iffco Chowk Gurgaon | Motilal Atal Road | Amity University | Narayan Singh Circle Opp Ciry Pulse Mall | Ifco Chowk ,Gurgaon 8368647410 | Rajeev Chowk End Of Fly Over Delhi To Jaipur Road Gurugram | Rajiv Chowk | Ramgarh Road Purani Chungi Bypass Road,9811440085 | Galta Gate Chouraha, 9811440085,8708729545 | Station Road Polo Victory | Jaipur | Iffco Chowk Metro Station,Gurgaon 01142544565,01142544566,9355777831,9355777832,8448449313 | Gurugram | Narayan Crecle Jaipur 9610411328,9610791328 | HERO HONDA CHOWK | GURGAON_GURUGRAM(IFFCO CHOWK) 8750504076, 9311004076 8750504076,01123994076 | Iffco Chowk Near Jaika Restaurant | Transport Nagar Bus Stop | Near Polo Victory Cinema | Rajeev Chowk, Gurgaon | Gurgaon_Iffco Chowk(8750504076) 8750504076,09311004076 | Dharuheda 9811440085,8708729545 | Rajiv Chowk-7597341111,7597351111 | Rajeev Chowk 87505074076 | Transport Nagar (Jaipur) | Gurgaon Bus Stand | Durga Pura | IFFCO CHOWK | IFFCO CHOWK GURGAON | Gurgaon | Iffco Chowk(Gurgaon) | Rajeev Chouk End OF Fly Over Delhi To Jaipur Road, N.H-8,GURGAON 9313333200 | Rajiv Chowk Nr. Jain Mandir, Gurgaon 8800335100,8800601200 | 9462796171 Narayan Singh Circle City Pulse Mall | Iffco Chowk – End Of Flyover -9311004076 | Dharuheda By Pass, Gurgaon | Iffco Chowk Bus Stand 9462984859 | Polo Victory_Seema Travels | Iffco Chowk ,Gurgaon | Rajeev Chowk Gurgaon | Jharsa Chowk | 9462796171 Transport Nagar | Iffco Chowk, Gurgaon | Iffco Chowk,Below Flyover Fronts | Near Zyka Restaurant | Nims University Main Gate | Karnal By Pass | Rajiv Chowk Gurgaon | Iffco Chowk,(At The End Of The Main Flayouer NH 8 Towareds Jaipur Highways(Gurugram),Gurgaon | Sindhi Camp, Bus Stand | Gurgaon | By Pass, Gurgaon | DHARUHEDA | Jhadsa Chowk | Mansarover Sfs Choraha B2 Bypass | GURGAON_GURUGRAM(IFFCO CHOWK) 011-41514076, 9311004076 01141514076 | Jaipur Road Fly Ove Down Side | N.H.8 ,End Of Iffco Chowk Fly Over,Jaipur Road, Gurgaon | Bharat Bakers Durgapura | Iffco Chowk Bus Stand (GURGAON) 9462984859 | Ganpati Wine Shop, Nr. Zaika Resturant,Iffco Chowk | Polovictory Cinema | Iffco Chowk | Polovicktry | Near Jyaka Resturent Iffco Chowk, Nh-18, Gurgaon | Ifco Chowk | Narayan Singh Circle | Iffco Chowk,(At The End Of The Main Flayouer NH 8 Towareds Jaipur Highways(Gurugram),Gurgaon 8696940118,9116498411,01142544565 | IFFCO CHOWK, GURGAON 9811440085,8708729545 | Amity University, 9811440085,8708729545 | Station Road | GURGAON_GURUGRAM(IFFCO CHOWK) 011-41514076, 9311004076 | Iffco Chowk Gurgaon 9610411328,9610791328 9610411328,9610791328 | Rajiv Chowk | NIMS Medcial Collage, Delhi-ByPass, Jaipur | 200 Ft Bypass | Near Jayka Restaurent, Nh.8 Iffco Chowk Gurgaon | Nims | Bhankrota Bus Stand | Hotel Natraj | Sindhi Camp Bus Stand | Ajmeri Pulia | Iffco Chowk Gurgaon | Iffco Chowk

About Gurgaon

Gurgaon, officially known as Gurugram, lies in the Indian state Haryana and bordered with the Capital city Delhi. Located in 738.8 square kilometers, it is considered one of India’s most populated cities. The city has seen rapid changes in the last few decades and filled with over 250 companies. In March 2019, it was declared as the most polluted city in the world. Gurgaon has seen rapid urbanisation in the last few years. There are other places like ‘Kingdom of dreams’, amusement parks, pubs, and bars which enlighten the city at night.
The residential area of Gurgaon is divided into divisions and sectors and has sports complexes and parks. The key parks are Leisure Valley Park in sector 29, Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Botanical Garden in Sector 52 and 23, Aravali biodiversity park in SEctor 23, HUDA Garden etc. Very well connected with roads, the city is considered to be in the satellite city of Asia. Commutation is not a problem when you are in Gurgaon, as there are an array of local transportation available and world-class metro service which runs alongside of MNCies and other companies, making reachability convenient.  

About Jaipur

Jaipur holds the distinction of Being the first planned city of India, Jaipur holds a distinctive identity. Combined of cultural diversity and modernization, Jaipur is globally renowned for its colored gems and stone industry. The city has a diverse culture and places to visit. It is one of the parts of three corners of the golden triangle that includes Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.
The pink city (the color of hospitality) compliments the graffiti done on pink walls which seems to be welcoming while you enter into it. It has palaces, temples that you visit, and local cuisines to fill your appetite. The palaces and temples are very much reachable by roads with your own convenience or private vehicles. The art and music is another aspect of the city that makes your trip worth.  

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You can book bus tickets online from Gurgaon to Jaipur with YoloBus. Download the Yolo App or book tickets seamlessly online at YoloBus ticket booking. Experience a comfortable and flight-like journey with YoloBus.

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