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Quick Information about Gurgaon

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Distance between Gurgaon & Ajmer 365 Km
Duration 6 hours 2 mins
Is Covid Safe Yes

Bus from Gurgaon to Ajmer Bus

It takes 9 hours from Gurgaon to Ajmer by bus. However, the travel duration depends on weather conditions and traffic. YoloBus ensures a safe and hygienic journey adhering to safety measures and protocols. With an array of in-bus amenities, we make sure there is no hassle throughout the journey. Enroll for a safe bus journey with an experienced and proficient driver and conquer the road like never before. Ensure top-notch amenities with utmost safety during the bus journey. While you book a YoloBus ticket, you get an option to select a boarding point near your place and choose the preferred seat of your choice. Experience a flight-like a bus ride with YoloBus. So, what are you waiting for? Book a bus ticket with COVID-19 safety measures with YoloBus.

Bus From Ajmer to Gurgaon

If it isn’t a one-way journey, book a return bus ticket from Ajmer to Gurgaon by YoloBus. We ensure your ride is not just safe but hygienic too. Travel by bus and cover 9 hours of road stretch comfortably with us. Select the seat and other offerings on the YoloBus App and get ready to experience a flight-like journey and navigate the road in the highly sanitized and hygienic bus.
Yolobus strives to make your bus journey safest amid the COVID-19 global pandemic situation. With our unique in-bus amenities and auto sanitization doors feature, get ready to indulge in bus travel like never before and make your essential journey count.

Boarding & Dropping Points

Makhunpura By Pass | Ajmer Bypass | Iffco Chowk End Of Fly Over Delhi To Jaipur Road Gurugram Hr | GURGAON_GURUGRAM(IFFCO CHOWK) 011-41514076, 9311004076 01141514076 | Rajeev Chowk 87505074076 | Iffco Chowk ,Gurgaon-9205583808- | Gurgaon_Iffco Chowk(011-41514076) 01141504076,09311004076 | N.H.8 ,End Of Iffco Chowk Fly Over,Jaipur Road, Gurgaon | Hero Honda Chowk(Ggn) | Parvatpura By Pass Road | Iffco Chowk Near Jaika Restaurant | Kalpana Travels Parbatpura By Pass, Ajmer | Iffco Chowk,(At The End Of The Main Flayouer NH 8 Towareds Jaipur Highways(Gurugram),Gurgaon 8696940118,9116498411,01142544565 | Iffco Chowk,(At The End Of The Main Flayouer NH 8 Towareds Jaipur Highways(Gurugram),Gurgaon | Rajeev Chouk End OF Fly Over Delhi To Jaipur Road, N.H-8,GURGAON 9313333200 | Ajmer | Kamal Travels Ajmer | Kamal Travels | MAKUMBURA CHAURAHA | Ifco Chowk ,Gurgaon 8368647410 | Opp Ajmer Railway Station | Ghugra Ghati Ajmer | Parbatpura Circle | 9828134311 Gugra Ghati Ajmer | Makhupura Parbatpura Byepass | Gurgaon | Rajiv Chowk,End Of The Flyover,NH-8,At The End Of The Main Flyover Towards Jaipur,Gurgaon | Below Iffco Chowk Flyover | Gurgaon Iffco Chowk | Rajeev Chowk End Of Fly Over Delhi To Jaipur Road Gurugram | Nh8 End Of Iffco Chowk Flyover Jaipur Road | Rajiv Chowk | Ashok Travels Ajmer | Iffco Chowk Gurgaon 9610411328,9610791328 9610411328,9610791328 | Gulzar Travels NR Mayamandir Gugaragathi Jaipur Road Ajmer | Gurgaon End Of Fly Over Rajeev Chowk Jaipur Road Gurgaon Hr | Ajmer By Pass (Mokhampura By Pass) | N.H.8 ,End Of Rajeev Chowk, Fly Over,Jaipur Road, Gurgaon | Gurgaon_Iffco Chowk(011-41514076) | Rajiv Chowk 9250917877,7065088889,9928108887 | Prawatpura Bai Pass Balaji Cargo Ajmer 9649381328,9610751328 | Iffco Chowk Fly Over End Gurgaon | Iffco Chowk | Bypass (Parbatpura) | Rpsc Parking | Gurgaon_Iffco Chowk(8750504076) 8750504076,09311004076 | Makhupura Chauraha | Railway Station | Ganpati Wine Shop, Nr. Zaika Restaurant, Iffco Chowk | Rajeev Chowk, Brige Ke Pass Gurgaon | Amar Travels,C/O.Bhola Travels,Opp Railway Station | Iffco Chowk | Gujarat Travels C B Market Parbatpura Chouraha | GURGAON_GURUGRAM(IFFCO CHOWK) 8750504076, 9311004076 8750504076,01123994076 | Dharuhera (By Pass) | Sangam Gahlot Travels | Remark Bus Will Change At Udaipur For Ahmedabad | Iffco Chowk Gurgaon | Rajeev Chowk Gurgaon | GURGAON_GURUGRAM(IFFCO CHOWK) 011-41514076, 9311004076 | Gurgaon Bus Stand | 8279273644 Iffco Chowk | Ashok Bus | IFFCO CHAUK END OF FLY OVER,DELHI TO JAIPUR ROAD NH-8 GURGAON 9313333200 | Iffco Chowk – End Of Flyover -9311004076 | Gugra Ghati | Iffco Chowk Bus Stand 9462984859 | Near Parbatpura Bypass 9413155556 9251473422 | Kamal Travels Opp RPSC | Rajiv Chowk Nr. Jain Mandir, Gurgaon 8800335100,8800601200

About Gurgaon

Gurgaon, officially Gurugram, is a city of Haryana, India. One of India’s satellite cities, Gurgaon, has become India’s leading financial and banking cities. It is said that Gurgaon has developed and economic growth after the establishment of Maruti Suzuki manufacturing plant late in 1970s. With rapid development and industrialization, it hosts more than 250 companies in itself and employs many individuals. Hence it is categorized as very high on the human development index. Several people across the states come here for employment purposes. 

About Ajmer

The name of the city, Ajmer, is derived from “Ajay Meru” (in Hindi), which means “invincible hill.” It is a bustling city, located 130 km southwest of Jaipur and 14 kms from another pilgrimage town – Pushkar. Ajmer is famous for pilgrimage ‘Ajmer Shareef’ and displays a perfect blend of different religions and cultures.
The city is a popular tourist attraction and the pilgrimage – Ajmer Shareef and surrounded by tourists throughout the year. Ajmer has an artificial lake, Ana Sagar, where people go and chill with their family and friends. Then there is the Golden temple, which has spellbound golden color engravings on its walls. Very well connected with roads, the city is accessible and reachable by bus.  

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You can book bus tickets online from Gurgaon to Ajmer with YoloBus. Download the Yolo App or book tickets seamlessly online at YoloBus ticket booking. Experience a comfortable and flight-like journey with YoloBus.

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