The Bus Travel Industry, How It Has Changed, and How YoloBus is Trying to Solve Real-time Problems?

The Bus Travel Industry
by admin, July 4, 2020

Looking at the real-time problems of Indian travelers, who prefer buses to reach out to the desired destination, the bus services need to formalize and modernize in India, which has so far been mostly fragmented and with many inefficiencies.

Right from filthy buses, frequent breaks during the journey,  unnecessary delay, unlawful ticket prices, unprofessional staff behavior, travelers suffer a lot.

In an attempt to eliminate the bus travel problems, YoloBus in its constant endeavors likes to cater to bus travel and transportation-related problems with the use of technology and Artificial Intelligence.


Here are some of the key requirements YoloBus is considering problems related to traveling:


1.) Safety:  YoloBus continually endeavors to make your journey safe and on-time because we value time and want you to make the most of your time. We also wish the travelers to stay connected to the family members during the journey. With the use of AI and technology, YoloBuses are equipped with the cameras and live location trackers so that traveler can share their live travel locations with their loved ones and keep them informed. Equipped with CCTV cameras on buses, our team does online surveillance on every movement happening on the bus. YoloBus ensures safety while monitoring every movement happening on the bus to give passengers travel that they deserve.

2.) Flexibility: is a key requirement. Travelers need to be able to use buses for multiple trips – in succession. Rigid or limited timetable and set routes can make the tedious experience buses less appealing and less effective. To cover that up, YoloBus has increased the frequency of buses on the same route so as to cover as many passengers traveling on the same route.

3.) Convenience:  is a vital aspect when it comes to traveling by bus. Having to wait for a long time, especially if it is in the scorching sun, when it is raining, in chilly winters or may be all alone in the dark, deters people from using buses. Bus Services must be easily accessible and the fairs should be suitable for the pocket. Similarly, the boarding points and bus stops should be sheltered properly, comfortable, attractive, safe, and easily accessible, visible, and (not just glorified billboards).

4.) Seamless ticket bookings: With the help of smartphone and Yolo App for bus ticket bookings, timetable scheduling, bus location identification, planning journeys, navigate the bus movement, using real-time journey maps, pay online, SOS buttons inside the bus and on App for any emergency during the journey are some of the features that YoloBus offers to its travelers. YoloBus also gives a flexible drop-off falling on the route while our journey to the destination (off-peak or during the night) can better integrate buses into our busy lives.


Yolo Bus Image

There is a spike in Indian road infrastructure in the last few years, which creates an opportunity for the growth of the intercity bus segment. Having more buses on roads with good facilities can also help to solve the last-minute travel plans.

Talking about private operators and state-run buses, both have upgraded the quality of buses and their offerings over the period of time. The in-bus facilities or during bus ticket bookings, YoloBus facilitate some in-bus services like none-other. With complimentary refreshments, water bottles, high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, and clean washrooms, make your bus journey non-stop and get going.

Public transport and urban mobility are getting impacted heavily due to the Covid-19 situation. There is a vital need to find innovative ways to practice physical distancing on seating to reach the destination, without affecting the continuity of the business.

Wrap Up:

Running errands or planned, bus services must be flexible, convenient, safe, reliable, efficient, and integrated. Like other mobility firms, YoloBus is ramping up its safety features and sanitization to onboard travelers during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. YoloBuses are equipped with sanitizer for travelers and also gives an option to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) kits on pre-orders while ticket booking. With concierge bus staff and captains who always wear approved safety masks & hand gloves,  YoloBus is India’s No 1 bus with sanitization tunnel doors which help each passenger to get sanitized while boarding and double assure a hygienic bus journey.

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