Current Problems with Bus Industry in India

by admin, April 14, 2020

Bus transport in India has always been a gruelling, unsafe, unhygienic, untimely experience for travellers. Buses are the main mode of transport in the country but very little has been done by the authorities to improve the current situation of roads and bus transport in India. Take a short trip on an Indian Highway and you will easily get a long list of problems that the bus industry is currently facing in the country. These issues range from the unsafe conditions to lack of basic amenities. Let’s delve into these issues in detail and take a stab at why the bus ride experience in India hasn’t changed in decades.

Not on Time
Public transport in India is notorious for being late and public buses are a major contributor to this notion. Buses often get so delayed that passengers reach four to five hours late at their destination. There are several factors that cause buses to get late in India. These include poor infrastructure, heavy congestion and traffic on roads, presence of multiple toll tax counters and others. These factors make the whole bus commutation time consuming and gruelling for passengers.


Unhygienic Buses
Buses in India are infamous for their unhygienic and filthy conditions. The majority of state-owned and private-owned buses in the country do not provide basic facilities like clean toilets, bedding, pantry and toiletries to passengers. Also, there are no provisions for pregnant women and women with babies. Lack of these basic facilities force travellers to turn buses into a war zone where food leftovers, plastic wrappers, uneaten fruits etc. are thrown under the seats, babies are crying, little kids are urinating from the windows and passengers are vomiting left and right. All these events and factors, turn buses into one of the most unhygienic forms of public transports.

In India, it is not uncommon to see that the majority of drivers are untrained and unskilled. Furthermore, the driver licensing system is not carefully regulated to check all the relevant skills and documents of the drivers. These unskilled drivers don’t follow the basic traffic guidelines and often do rash driving risking the lives of themselves and passengers. The rising cases of alcohol abuse by bus and truck drivers make the situation worse by turning Indian roads highly unsafe for bus commute.

Unruly Staff Behaviour
Very few bus operators check the backgrounds of their bus drivers and conductors. Some of these drivers and helpers are from shady backgrounds with some criminal history and don’t hesitate to argue with passengers. The unruly staff behaviour often goes unchecked due to ignorance of private bus operators.

Lack of Essential Amenities
Roads in India lack basic amenities like telephone booths, repair shops, first aid centres, restaurants and clean toilets. There is very little participation of the private sector in the road development in India and the government authorities also show a lackadaisical attitude towards offering these basic facilities to travellers on roads. Lack of these essential amenities makes the whole bus riding experience nightmarish to certain users.

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