A Brief Look at the Indian Bus Industry

Problems on Wheels — A Brief Look at the Indian Bus Industry

Let’s assume that you’re travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad on an overnight inter-city bus. You boarded the bus at 6:00 PM. It’s been around 4 hours and the driver hasn’t yet stopped for a restroom break.

Travel in the time of Connected Transportation

Travel in the time of Connected Transportation

Imagine. What if the captain of the RMS Titanic could be warned about the iceberg, much before the ship even approached it? An important piece of history would have been different and James Cameron wouldn’t have made one of the most romantic movies of all time.

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Connected Cities and Transportation

We are already living in the future! What seemed impossible 2 decades ago is our daily experience today. Let’s dive into how connected transportation is going to change our lives.

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Current Problems with Bus Industry in India

us transport in India has always been a gruelling, unsafe, unhygienic, untimely experience for travellers. Buses are the main mode of transport in the country but very little has been done by the authorities to improve the current situation of roads and bus transport in India.

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From YoloBus to YoloCopters!

Human evolution and consciousness has evolved drastically in last decade. And so do machine’s consiousness. Breathe into the future of inter city transportation with Yolo Copters!

Yolo Bus Triangle
Yolo Bus Triangle